10 Reasons To Visit Paraty, The Most Photogenic Town In Brazil

Paraty, a neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, is known for its vibrancy and is often cited as one of Brazil’s loveliest places to visit. Visitors to the southeast portion of the country shouldn’t leave without stopping in Paraty. A short journey from Rio will bring tourists to this historic town that was founded by the Portuguese and has a wealth of colonial-era buildings and a vibrant cultural scene.

The countryside next to Paraty, one of many reasons to visit Brazil in 2023, is very stunning. Incredibly diverse ecosystems may be found right outside of town, including pristine beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, many mouth-watering dishes to try in Brazil, and wooded mountains. Paraty itself is packed with amazing attractions. Listed here are some of the many attractions that make this Brazilian city a must-see for photographers.

10 Its Art

Paraty is a major cultural hub, drawing in both traditional artisans and contemporary artists with its breathtaking natural beauty. There are several museums and galleries spread out over the city’s historic core, many of which feature displays of indigenous Indian artworks such as paintings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, and other traditional handicrafts. The Museu de Arte Sacra (Museum of Sacred Art), one of many underrated spots to visit in Brazil, is a must-see for any art lover with a penchant for religious imagery since it has some truly breathtaking religious works of art, including finely carved woodwork on its altars and doors.

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9 Its Exciting Ambience

People come to Paraty from all over Brazil to party, so the town is always bustling with young, energetic people. Paraty is quiet and charming by day, but it comes alive at night when people head out to the many restaurants, clubs, and even beach and farm parties in the area. If one is looking for a place to enjoy live music, Porto da Pinga is the place to go, while Paraty 33 is the place to get one’s late-night dance on. Three or four days in Paraty is all that’s needed to satiate the wanderlust of city dwellers who want to get away to a place that’s serene and picturesque without losing its sense of joie de vivre.

8 The Beaches

Gorgeous beaches may be found all around Paraty. One of the most popular things to do in Paraty Bay is to take a boat trip around the bay and stop at some of the greatest beaches so that tourists may swim, snorkel, dive, or just relax in the sun and listen to the waves. Trindade, a nearby fishing community, is also popular with tourists since it’s close to several beautiful beaches, including the popular surfing spot of Cepilho, the nudist beach of Figueira, and the breathtaking setting of rock formations and natural springs at Cachadaco.

7 Visitors Can Find Incredible Vacation Spots Nearby

Numerous fantastic places may be found in close proximity to Paraty, each deserving of at least a day or two of a tourist’s time. For those who find the idyllic atmosphere of Paraty wanting, the equally stunning region of Ubatuba is only a couple of hours away. Distance from Paraty to the Rio de Janeiro hotspot Angra dos Reis (or just Angra) is roughly 59 miles. Angra, like its neighboring cities of Ubatuba and Paraty, boasts an impressive array of beaches that cater to a wide range of vacationers.

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6 Flip Brazil International Literature Festival Of Paraty

Since its inception in 2003, the Flip has provided an annual literary experience unlike any other. This is more than just an event; it’s a statement about the culture of the community that hosts it every time. Award-winning and up-and-coming authors gather on a makeshift stage in the middle of breathtaking nature, between the ocean and the Atlantic rainforest mountain range, to engage in a lively discussion. Nowadays, Flip is one of the most important literary festivals in all of South America.

5 The Waterfalls

Visitors to Paraty may go on hikes through lush tropical woods and swim under cascading waterfalls. The Cachoeira da Escada waterfall along the Rio-Santos highway is one of the most well-known among many Underrated Spots to visit in Brazil. Water cascades down what appears like a staircase made of rocks, making for a really unusual waterfall design. The Prumirim Waterfall is a refreshing spot to cool down on a hot day, with waters that are as transparent as glass and as welcoming as they are refreshing.

4 One Of Paraty’s Claims To Fame Is Its Artisanal Cachaça

Rum made from sugarcane juice, known as cachaça, is another major product of Paraty. There are a plethora of craft distilleries producing this alcoholic beverage in the region. Many historians, like Monsignor Pizarro, claim that Paraty’s cachaça was formerly more costly than any other brand sold in Brazil due to its high quality. Cachaça distilleries sometimes provide tours and tastings to curious sightseers. The term “cachaça” was not generally used as a synonym for Paraty until the middle of the twentieth century due to the city’s historical and cultural significance.

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3 Its Beautiful Architecture Dots The City’s Historic Core

Paraty’s downtown is stunning at all hours of the day and night, so tourists will have plenty of opportunities to snap photos worthy of Instagram. Downtown Paraty offers a unique experience because of its historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and pedestrian-friendly layout. In the days of the Brazilian colonial government, Paraty served as the country’s primary gold export seaport, and that era’s aesthetic can be seen throughout the city. The city’s central business district has been conserved well, and the outside layout has changed little over the years, as one would expect of a community that relies heavily on tourism.

2 Backpackers Will Love It In Paraty!

Backpackers from all over the world, as well as those from Brazil, make Paraty one of their top locations of choice. In addition to the great number of hostels and inns located in the surrounding area, the cosmopolitan environment that can be found in the city of Paraty is another reason why people travel there. Paraty is the ideal combination of the ancient and the new, the sophisticated and the rustic, the “untouchable” and wild locations with the touristy places, all of which combine to make it the ideal destination not only for budget travelers but also for all other kinds of tourists who want to learn a new culture when traveling.

1 Praia Do Sono

Paraty’s Praia do Sono, one of many stunning beaches in Brazil, is a little ways from the main part of town (17 miles, to be more exact). Located in a mostly unspoiled environmental protection region, the area is loved by many who visit for its breathtaking natural scenery. Part of the route is inaccessible by automobile, which contributes to Praia do Sono’s allure as a destination for adventuresome locals and visitors alike. However, the location’s relative inaccessibility is really to its benefit, as it is far less busy and noisier than the alternatives.


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