Assuring digital trust to your customers in today’s business environment

The pervasive digitalization of businesses and workplaces have made cybersecurity a top of the mind recall for most people who use technology at work or at home. For organizations, it has become mainstream and nearly every company acknowledges the need to implement apposite defense mechanisms to safeguard organizational data, assets, and network. However, it’s mostly seen as a hygiene exercise for safeguarding assets and regulatory compliance.

Businesses need to change their perspective

We have transformed into a data-rich society. Today, customers readily share their personal data with brands, but they worry what the brands will do with that data. The shift to remote working has expanded the cyberattack surface. The nature and type of attack have become more sophisticated and insidious. As per the National Cyber Security Centre, 39% of businesses identified a cyberattack in the last 12 months (2021-22).


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