‘Expensive cauliflower is traded very cautiously’

Besides the extreme price increases for fruit vegetables from protected cultivation in Mediterranean countries, the equally expensive cauliflower is traded very cautiously. Italian deliveries prevailed, but lost overall relevance. The importance of complementary Spanish unloadings had also weakened. Meanwhile, according to the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Nutrition (BLE), French shipments intensified. New additions to the range were Turkish and Belgian batches, which overall, however, only had a complementary character.

In general, offers were increasingly handled in boxes of 8, boxes of 6 were sighted somewhat less frequently. Business was uneven and prices developed accordingly. All in all, they rose again, and discounts were also rarely observed. In particular, the French lots had to say goodbye to the high valuations of the previous week. The marketing accelerated thereupon selectively. In Munich, the sellers refrained from ordering Spanish products in the course of the week, as these showed too high incoming demands.

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Domestic items continuously dominated the scene. The relevance of Tenroy, Jonagold and Pinova had limited, the importance of Honeycrunch slightly expanded. Minneiska/SweeTango® appeared in Frankfurt, handled at €0.90 per kg. Fräulein were also offered there again in laid form.

Although the Italian lots continued to set the tone, there was movement in the range: European lots lost market share, while South African imports gained noticeably in importance. From the southern hemisphere mainly Williams Christ came, offered under its synonym Bon Chrétien.

Table grapes
South African imports dominated the business. Unloadings from Namibia and Peru followed in terms of importance. All in all, availability had noticeably diminished. However, storage facilities had also diminished. Nevertheless, the majority of quotations tended downward.

Spanish blond oranges continued to dominate: In particular, several Navel varieties, primarily Lane Late and Navelate, were available. Salustiana followed in terms of importance. Deliveries from Egypt and Turkey had somewhat reduced, while those from Morocco had slightly increased. Greek and Italian lots were only sporadic.

Small-fruited citrus
Mandarins were dominated by offloads from Spain: Nadorcott, Clemenules and Clemenvilla formed the basis of the range. Murcott came from Turkey, and Nadorcott from Morocco. Israel provided Orri, which stood out from the competition in terms of price. Egyptian supplies completed the event, as well as Italian Tacle.

The presence of tone-setting Spanish and Turkish products narrowed, leading to tightening valuations in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Elsewhere, quotations remained at the previous level.

Supply and demand were sufficiently balanced. Traders rarely had cause to modify their previous calls. Berlin and Frankfurt saw increased access, while business in Cologne was quiet.

Iceberg lettuce from Spain was generally available on a monopoly basis; only in Berlin were Italian and Turkish products also available. In Munich, the calibers were too small, so that packs of 10 were unceremoniously converted to packs of 11. In Frankfurt, too, the 14/15 pack was a rather unusual type of presentation.

Spanish snake cucumbers dominated the stores. In terms of importance, Greek items followed most closely, although these only appeared in Berlin and Munich. Supplies from Belgium and the Netherlands increased. Quotations mostly climbed even further, owing to reduced availability.

Spanish, Turkish and Moroccan fruits dominated the deals. Italian, Dutch cherry tomatoes rounded out the offerings. Availability had reduced, with Moroccan imports in particular losing relevance. As a result, quotations rose again this week across all varieties, in some cases very significantly.

Bell peppers
Spanish batches dominated events in a turbulent market environment, where record prices were again called in some areas. In addition, red items came from Morocco and green items from Turkey. Despite the currently restrained demand, valuations climbed as a result of the continued limited supply situation.




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