Forbes China Establishes Base in Chongqing, Leveraging World-class Business Environment

Chongqing – In a strategic move, Forbes China and several international entities signed agreements on June 28 to establish operations in Southwest China’s Chongqing. This initiative supports the city’s ambition of becoming a global consumption hub.

The signing ceremony transpired in Chongqing’s bustling Yuzhong District, where a collective of 41 projects was green-lighted, representing a total investment of 10.3 billion yuan (USDĀ 1.42 billion). These initiatives include various high-quality cultural tourism ventures and commercial projects with an international reputation.

Forbes China’s decision to lay roots in Chongqing will culminate in developing the Forbes China Chongqing “Lounge.” This multifunctional space merges office centers, offline exhibitions, live interviews, and salon clubs.

The union between Forbes China and Chongqing anticipates a deep collaboration in investment promotion, summit hosting, and comprehensive media promotion. This partnership will further expedite the Yuzhong District’s growth into a core area of international consumption. It will also help transform the Jiefangbei-Chaotianmen area into a globally acknowledged business district.

“The world-class business environment and the opportunities presented by the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle drew us here,” a representative from Forbes China said at the signing ceremony. The company’s move to Chongqing marks its foray beyond Shanghai into other Chinese provincial regions.

Another notable project signed is the International Land Sea Center, also known as Chongqing 100, the city’s first under-construction skyscraper.

This comprehensive, integrated complex harmonizes shopping, offices, hotels, sightseeing, and urban rail transportation. The commercial hub, InCity Chongqing, is officially scheduled to open on September 28. The central focus will be the development of flagship stores, fashion trendsetter outlets, and creator IP stores.

Chongqing’s first skyscraper will further enhance the city’s diversity and level of consumption. (Photo/International Land Sea Center)

The International Land Sea Center has successfully lured both domestic and internationally acclaimed brands such as Galeries Lafayette, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE, Blt, and Neobio Family Park, boasting over 30 flagship stores. The podium building, intriguingly named “181,” is set to commence operations in November this year and has already enticed eight businesses.

The signed projects span multiple domains, including healthcare, information technology, and urban renewal. These projects aim to update areas like Jiefangbei-Jiaochangkou and Daping Commercial District and construct industrial parks for big data, artificial intelligence, and traditional Chinese medicine.


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