From the perspective of “Entrepreneur Day”, Liaocheng, China strives to create a first-class business environment

LIAOCHENG, China, Feb. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Information Office of Liaocheng Municipal Government. Since 2022, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, will set up the “Liaocheng Entrepreneur Day” on November 1 every year to further highlight the dominant position of enterprises in the market and vigorously create a strong atmosphere of “respecting business, pro-business, supporting business and enriching business”. At the same time, Liaocheng City has launched a number of reform measures to make enterprises applaud, focusing on stimulating the vitality of market entities, continuing to reduce costs, improve efficiency and improve services.

At the first “Liaocheng Entrepreneur Day”, 101 entrepreneurs, including Zhang Xuexin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Xinfa Group, were elected as the first meritorious entrepreneurs, outstanding entrepreneurs and industry leaders in Liaocheng. At the same time, the relevant departments went to key enterprises to visit and comfort them, and effectively solved the problem of entrepreneurs’ anxieties and anxieties. We will also organize government-enterprise interaction activities to strengthen point-to-point, face-to-face and intimate communication between the government and enterprises through entrepreneurs’ dinners, tea parties, symposiums and other forms.

The establishment of “Liaocheng Entrepreneur Day” has promoted the business environment of Liaocheng to a new level. Government departments provide enterprises with “platform” and entrepreneurs with “leading role” and “station C”, which can not only give more confidence to the heads of enterprises, stimulate entrepreneurs and talent officers to be enterprising and motivated, but also promote the continuous optimization of the business environment.

In order to actively create a convenient and efficient government service environment and accumulate the basic strength for economic development, Liaocheng City also took the lead in formulating the implementation measures for the green channel service for the approval of key projects, building the “investment project reception hall”, and establishing a targeted service mechanism for market entities. Smooth enterprise service channels and create a “e-enterprise” enterprise life-cycle service model of “easy to run, online to run, and fast to run”. Open the “Water City Assistant” government broadcast, improve the working mechanism of “good and bad evaluation” of government services, accept the supervision of enterprises from a full perspective, and solve the blocking points and difficulties.

SOURCE Information Office of Liaocheng Municipal Government


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