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How Faisal Town changed Real Estate business in twin cities


How Faisal Town changed Real Estate business in twin cities

Faisal Town group and its management has been serving the nation for more than 30 years. It has delivered numerous projects including Faisal Town, Faisal Hills, E-11, B-17, F-17, and many more. So far, the Faisal Town group has developed and delivered more than 7000 hectares (140,000 Kanal) of land. Faisal Town, under the supervision of Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, is considered the 3rd biggest private developer and real estate conglomerate in Pakistan after Bahria Town and DHA. Furthermore, the group has thousands of direct & indirect employees making it one of the largest private-sector employers in Pakistan.

Faisal Town group and its management has completely reshaped the real estate sector in the twin cities of Pakistan (Rawalpindi & Islamabad) with innovative ideas for economic projects during the last three decades. Over the years, the group has emerged as a synonym for high-quality state-of-the-art housing projects and established a name of deliverance & commitment among peers. Undoubtedly, the Faisal Town Group took lead in introducing the concept of a “gated community” for the middle class of the country because before the start of Faisal Town, it was a common understanding that ‘gated communities’ are only for the rich and middle class could not afford it. But, Faisal Town changed the mindset by offering quality living at affordable prices. Middle-income families started taking advantage of Faisal Town’s installment plans and invested for a better future. Now, the majority of the land developed by the Faisal Town group is owned by the people belonging to all walks of life. People used to wait in huge lines to invest in the Group’s upcoming housing projects because of the reputation of deliverance and commitment.

What’s new?

Faisal Town group aims to change the looks of Islamabad and its vicinity without compromising on its God-gifted beauty. The city has a limited business area and the space is shrinking every day. So, the group decided to build a skyscraper in order to add a shining Jewel to the skyline of the city. High-rise building is being developed through advanced earthquake-resistant technology required to construct vertical buildings in the region of the Pothohar Plateau. Sources confirmed the designing of an iconic ultra-luxury sky scrapper, by the Faisal Town group in Blue Area Islamabad. A qualified team of international designers has been hired to design and construct the tower.

Faisal Town’s project Faisal Hills is located at the junction of Islamabad and Margalla Hills, Rawalpindi to promote a new housing style in the twin cities. In 2021, the administration of Faisal Town announced the launching of a state-of-the-art mix-use building in the region inside Faisal Hills.

The new project inside Faisal Hills was named Faisal Jewel and comprises 2.5 acres of land. It will be comprised of two high towers. The residential tower will have 26 floors with a total height of 300 feet while the 2nd tower will have 14 stories. The tower will be the society’s central business hub containing retail shops and luxury residences. It is a five-star level project where the beauty of Margalla Hills will be visible to the residents. After completion, Faisal Jewel will not only be one of the tallest building in the region but in the Rawalpindi district as well.

Do you know?

Faisal Town Group not only offers investment opportunities but is also leading in serving the nation. Faisal Town has also been running a Non-Government Organization (NGO) under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Faisal Town group’s Foundation known as CAM Foundation is a non-partisan, non-political registered philanthropic organization working to uplift deserving and underprivileged countrymen. The contribution of Faisal Town group encompasses emergency relief programs, running skill-based educational institutions, provision of meals to the needy, construction of worship places, construction of houses for widows/orphans, providing medical care, building schools, and parks, and Cricket and Football grounds. Faisal Town also plants millions of samplings every year to keep the environment green and clean. In short, Faisal Town tries its best to serve the nation in whatever capacity it can.

In recent floods, Faisal Town group arranged a live telethon transmission where donors pledged donations of millions of rupees. The group appealed to the masses to donate generously and contribute actively to this need of the hour; which has rendered millions of families displaced and lost shelter. The amount collected by the donors was distributed among organizations carrying out relief activities in the affected areas. Faisal Town group distributed 42,000,00 PKR each among Bait-us-Salam Trust, JDC, IDSP, Al-Khidmat, and others for rescue, relief, and rehabilitation of affected fellow beings. Foundation ensured the delivery of aid & sustenance goods on the ground in a transparent, meticulous, and diligent manner. The amount was meant to provide cash, meals, medicines, mosquito nets, and blankets to affected communities.

In a nutshell, the Faisal Town group has been actively conducting business in a clean, legal, and transparent way for many years at a humongous scale. Companies like these should be appreciated and promoted by the government to enhance business activities and revenue in the country. Small steps taken by the government will benefit the whole nation in this regard.

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