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The Minister of Investment, Convergence and Evaluation of Public Policies, Mohcine Jazouli, presented in Rabat, during the National Congress of the Business Environment, the roadmap for the improvement of the business environment, which highlights the creation of 500,000 stable jobs and private sector investments worth 45 billion euros for the period 2022-2026. 

Jazouli revealed that his ministry is committed to a territorial approach to investment in which the different regions will benefit from policy initiatives with the aim of correcting inter-territorial inequalities. 

As the Minister of Investment recalled, it is important to adopt a territorial approach because it is in the regions that investment projects are born, where they are developed and, ultimately, where the social and economic impact is produced for the benefit of their communities. All with a view to an ambitious goal of creating a new generation of entrepreneurs and investors in the country. And that new generation is to be found in all regions of the country.  

The Moroccan minister pointed to a series of reforms of government structures with a view to better respond to the needs of investors. Specifically, Jazouli cited the investment department and regional investment centres that will report directly to the Prime Minister’s office. The aim is to ensure that investors have the necessary interlocutors in the administration to speed up their work. This includes the creation of the National Investment Commission, which will be tasked with promoting legislative reforms that will lead to the creation of a favourable economic climate for investment. 

To achieve this and other investment objectives, the roadmap proposes close cooperation between the regions with extensive involvement of the stable banking sector. The ultimate goal is to improve conditions to encourage private investment and ensure dynamism through enterprise competitiveness and the involvement of both the public and private sectors. 

As he explained during the National Business Environment Conference, the aim is to provide economic actors with useful tools for the development of the sector. 

Mohcine Jazouli

Jazouli emphasised the three fundamental pillars on which the roadmap rests. Firstly, the facilitation of all that the act of investing entails, with the deployment of all the necessary mechanisms for this purpose. The minister highlighted, among others, the possibility of setting up a company electronically, improving access to public procurement, particularly for SMEs, and reducing payment delays. He called for the strengthening of the associated legal framework and the acceleration of the digitalisation of administrative procedures.  

The implementation of this commitment to investment has been a key issue on Morocco’s political agenda and, in this regard, the aim is to enable entrepreneurs to set up their businesses quickly and efficiently, saving time and resources by reducing bureaucracy and simplifying registration processes. In addition, the creation of an Investment and Business Environment Observatory is planned.

Mohcine Jazouli

The minister highlighted the second fundamental pillar of the roadmap as being the improvement of competitiveness factors. To this end, it is planned to facilitate financing through innovative methods and access to green energy in line with the national commitment to renewable energies. For the minister, it is important to highlight the industrial decarbonisation efforts planned at the global level, in which Morocco intends to play a major role. Improving logistics competitiveness is another of the factors included in the second pillar of the roadmap. 

As the third pillar, Jazouli mentioned entrepreneurship and innovation. Within this framework, the government’s actions are focused on training and talent, with a clear commitment to the human capital of the young people who are to play a leading role in the country’s future.  In this regard, it is important to implement policies to support and provide access to funding for start-ups and incubators for innovation projects.

Mohcine Jazouli

As a cross-cutting element in this roadmap, the minister declared his department’s commitment to the prevention of corruption and its commitment to making integrity and ethics fundamental values for an ambitious roadmap covering the period 2022-2026. 


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