Some rights are given up because we value civilization

Adults and children hold hand-made signs in favor of gun control as they listen to speakers during the rally.

To talk about people’s rights, you have to consider the state of things before we had rights; that is the state of nature. The strong may or may not have survived as it was the successful adaptations to life’s demands that determined the winner; think evolution. We gave up some rights to form civilization, and the giving up of rights must always be considered when we talk about the rights we keep.

Why is my right to keep a king cobra, a grizzly bear, or a pound of fentanyl restricted or at least, regulated? It is because we value a civilization that helps protect us and allows us to live a prosperous, continuing and meaningful life; think evolution. We keep the right to talk about things, or so we say we do, and we need to talk about a lot of things.


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