Valmont expects further cooperation as business grows in China

Kevin Ray Meusch, general manager of Valmont China and CIS regions, a global leader in providing innovative solutions for infrastructure, irrigation and coating. [Photo provided to]

Editor”s note: The fourth Qingdao Multinationals Summit is being held in Qingdao, Shandong province, from Oct 10-12 and is part of the country’s efforts to accelerate high-level opening-up. This series of reports provides insights from participants on their expectations for the summit and their observations on China’s business landscape.

Q1. Is this your first time participating in the Qingdao Multinationals Summit? What are your expectations for the summit?

A: This will be my first time participating in the summit as the general manager of Valmont. I am happy to get acquainted to the relevant leadership and share thoughts on General Business.

Q2. The Qingdao Multinationals Summit has been held three times and is now an important brand for Shandong’s opening-up to the outside world. It has become a significant platform for attracting investment, particularly foreign investment, to Shandong. How would you describe this platform?

A: I think this is a good chance and platform for multinational companies to learn about China’s business environment and new policies. I think the event has been put together very well.

Q3. What do you think of China’s business environment? What kind of business environment do you think would best serve multinational companies?

A: Valmont has been in Shandong province for more than 15 years and we see the potential of further cooperation as the business grows. As a factory developer, I enjoy having a consistent work environment with resources located in close proximity.

Q4. China’s policies to attract foreign investment and promote projects will be illustrated during the summit. Could you please introduce your company’s investment situation in China and your investment plans?

A: As I have already mentioned, Valmont has been investing in China for 15 years and over the last four years our Shandong facility has seen success. We have had great cooperation with our export programs albeit a slowdown in domestic sales.

We would like to see more growth in domestic sales before we start further expansion. Valmont has regional factories around the world and China base is key to supporting our business model.


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