April 17, 2024

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Walmart shoppers rush to buy two storey ‘ocean-view’ tiny home worth $30k – it even comes with a spiral staircase

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TINY home lovers have rushed to purchase a house kit that could double up as a beach pad.

The two-storey property kit is available at Walmart for less than $30,000 and it comes with a unique feature.

Shoppers have rushed to Walmart to purchase a tiny home


Shoppers have rushed to Walmart to purchase a tiny homeCredit: Walmart
The home is listed for less than $30,000


The home is listed for less than $30,000Credit: Walmart
The 'ocean view' home could double as a beach pad


The ‘ocean view’ home could double as a beach padCredit: Walmart
  • Plus One Home Kits Ocean View with Spiral Stairs, $29,990 from Walmart – buy here

This home by Plus 1 Home Kits is currently available to purchase online for $29,990.

Its special design contains an external spiral staircase which gives the tiny property a unique look.

The outdoor feature also gives dwellers more room inside the tiny home for furnishings and features.

Walmart’s “ocean view” tiny home has 96 square feet of internal space and a roof deck for outdoor lounging.

The property’s large windows and sliding glass doors would allow for light to flood in and brighten up the space.

This tiny home has come as an easy-to-assemble kit that comes with exact plans and instructions.

Despite its compact size, the home comes with several unique features, such as a roof storage area and energy-efficient windows and screens.

The home is also special in its construction as the property is made with a steel frame rather than a wooden one.

The manufacturer has emphasized the longevity of steel in its ability to not rot or burn, in comparison to wood.

As the home is under the typical 100-square-foot requirement planning permit size in most cities, the home could work in most areas, according to the product’s description.

The manufacturer added that buyers should check with their local authorities to see whether they need a permit or not for this tiny home.

As the property is a kit, the home can readily be customized to a customer’s preferences.

The outdoor staircase gives residents more space to add their flare and personality.

Several tiny homes are for sale on Walmart’s site that users can easily build and set up.

The U.S. Sun previously reported on a tiny home with extra security that is on sale for $2,700.

  • Plus One Home Kits Ocean View with Spiral Stairs, $29,990 from Walmart – buy here

Where to buy a tiny home

THE tiny home phenomenon found new heights as an alternative living solution for consumers concerned with ballooning homebuying costs and sustainability concerns.

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You can buy ‘tiny homes’ online in a few places, including:


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